Wedding Cakes

Wedding Cakes

Meringue caters gourmet desserts ranging from small dessert bars, custom chocolate truffles, to showpiece wedding cakes.  All desserts start with the highest quality ingredients and are made 100% from scratch. Meringue works with each couple individually to make their wedding dessert personalized and special.

Ready to Begin?

Do you provide consultations?

Yes, we provide a free consultation.

We also offer a 12 piece tasting kit for $40. If you order a cake with us, the $40 is credited towards your purchase.


Is a deposit required?

Yes, a $100 deposit is required to secure your date.


How soon do I need to order my cake or cupcake?

It’s never too soon to order. Popular dates fill up fast!

It is advisable to book your wedding date early, especially during peak wedding months and holiday weekends.

How much should I budget for my wedding cake?

Entry level cupcake weddings start at $3.50 – $5.00 per person
Tiered cake weddings with sheet cake start at $5.75 per person.

It can be difficult to have a hard-and-fast price list because there are many variables that go into a designed cake or dessert. Sometimes a smaller dessert can have a higher ingredient cost and take more time to decorate than a larger cake. With some details (included guest count, location, the desired type of dessert, and design) we can give quick pricing estimates.

I always advise my clients to know what your dessert budget is! It is such a simple question and the cornerstone for what size and design a dessert can be. I give every client the best dessert I can that fits their budget.